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CONLON Associates...

Thank you for the outstanding cleaning job you did on our kitchen and utility floors. We didn't think anything would get the marks out of the sandstone flags!

Now the flags are just as they were when they were laid! Your service was excellent too. You arrived on time, explained how your treatments work and did a demonstration to show how effective they are.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs a floor cleaning.

Clean Tile and Grout Lakes client.

No two floors are the same!

You might have an old Victorian Floor with a sealant that is scratched and discoloured. We can remove the sealant then deep clean the floor ready to apply a brand new sealant with either a gloss ‘non slip’ finish or a matt sheen look.

Old slate floors sometimes have sealants that begin to break up and turn brown! This sealant can be stripped and the floor rejuvenated with the application of a professional impregnating sealer that gives the stone a natural look again.

If a new floor is laid adjacent to an old existing surface with the same tiles it is important that the new tiles ‘blend’ in. We have cleaned many old floors like this and you cannot see the join.

Types of surface we clean

We have designed this machine to clean specifically hard surfaces. It is literally the best tool for the job and will produce outstanding results. A lot of time has been spent perfecting it and the cleaning materials we use with it so they are environmentally friendly. Naturally we recognize that all floors are different and each has their own particular problems. Why not give us a ring today for a free demonstration to see how our system would work on your floor? Below is a list of areas where our new device would work perfectly:

Types of surface we clean - Sandstone - Slate - Travertine - Limestone - Quarry tile - Porcelane - Ceramic tiles -Safety Flooring - Domestic Residences - Shopping Centres - Food Halls - Rest Rooms - Kitchens - Health Clubs/Swimming Pools/Changing Rooms - Restaurants/Coffee Shops - Entrance Halls - Stables and Stud farms - Children's Play Areas - Service Station Forecourts - Court Yards - Street Scene Situations
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