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Thank You John!

I thought that I had a limestone floor which needed cleaning and sealing!

Thanks to Clean Tile and Grout Lakes I now know I have a millstone grit floor which shouldn't be sealed because that would cause damp in my walls.

I now have an incredibly clean unsealed millstone grit floor which is a delight to behold. We are really pleased with the result and would be happy to recommend your services.

Clean Tile and Grout Lakes client.

General Tile and Grout Cleaning

Deep cleaning of tile, grout, stone and other hard surfaces. Where our process succeeds is because it works at such a high temperature it can sanitise as well as clean and remove the grime. Ordinary ‘wet vacs’ might remove some of the grime but they cannot kill the pathogens living in the microscopic cavities of the grout. This type of deep cleaning is unique to Clean Tile and Grout Lakes LTD.

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Types of surface we clean - Domestic Residences - Shopping Centres - Food Halls - Rest Rooms - Kitchens - Health Clubs/Swimming Pools/Changing Rooms - Restaurants/Coffee Shops – Entrance Halls - Stables and Stud farms - Children's Play Areas - Service Station Forecourts - Court Yards - Street Scene Situations