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AWD Chase de Vere

I write to thank you for the excellent floor refurbishment job which you recently carried out at the home of my parents, in Leyland.

The kitchen floor now looks as though it has only just been laid, although the tiles are over 20 years old, and my parents are delighted with the way the lighter grout colour makes the whole kitchen look much more bright and airy.

Please do not hesitate to pass my name to anyone who is considering using your services. I would be more than happy to recommend your company.

Clean Tile and Grout Lakes client.

Tile and Grout Clear Seal

After the stone floor has been cleaned our newly laid, this is the best time to treat it with a clear seal. This impregnator, “a revolution in surface care”, provides an effective and long lasting protection against erosion, soiling and contamination. It can be used inside or outside making the floors easier to clean. Clear Seal is water based and does not contain silicone, because it biodegrades with time it is an environmentally sustainable product.

Ideal places to use Clear Seal:
Entrance foyers, Restaurants, Kitchens and much more.

Clear Seal will repel and resist the growth of:

• Fungus, Algae and lichens
• Mineral and vegetable oilsns
• Ingress of water
• Grime
• Tea and Coffee
• Tomato Ketchup
• Wine
• Cola

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