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Just to say we were really impressed with the results and your customer service! We will certainly mention your name to any of our clients needing work done, please feel free to use us as referees if ever required.

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No two floors are the same!

You might have an old Victorian Floor with a sealant that is scratched and discoloured. We can remove the sealant then deep clean the floor ready to apply a brand new sealant with either a gloss ‘non slip’ finish or a matt sheen look.

Old slate floors sometimes have sealants that begin to break up and turn brown! This sealant can be stripped and the floor rejuvenated with the application of a professional impregnating sealer that gives the stone a natural look again.

If a new floor is laid adjacent to an old existing surface with the same tiles it is important that the new tiles ‘blend’ in. We have cleaned many old floors like this and you cannot see the join.

 Who Needs Colour Sealing? 

Have you replaced some tiles with new grout? - Is your grout stained? - Do you want to change the colour of your grout? - Would you like to clean your grout more easily?

Colour sealing gives you the look of a total refurb at a fraction of the cost!

Colour Seal

A lot cheaper than a complete refit!

Do your hotel bathrooms need refurbishing, why not let us restoratively clean and colour seal them in an afternoon!

It's a lot cheaper than a complete refit!
Colour sealing is a very satisfying process to complete. The use of great grout has enabled us to permanently transform old and jaded bathrooms into ‘brand new’ suites Colour seal is not paint but a titanium based sealer that dries to leave a natural but impermeable surface. It comes in a whole range of colours and can be used to match your old grout or completely change its colour from black to white for example!

1) Colour Sealing eliminates variations in grout colour due to stains, uneven colour lots, curing, fading or damage
2) Colour Sealing provides a water tight, stain resistant, durable protection. With its built in mildicides ensures sanitation for years
3) Colour Sealing can match almost any grout colour. You can maintain the original grout colour from wall to wall or more excitingly change the colour of the grout completely.
4) Colour Sealing is virtually odour free so its application does not disrupt a busy house hold.
5) Best of all colour seal greatly reduces ongoing maintenance-being completely impervious to moisture, dirt and grime cannot penetrate the sealed surface. Harsh chemicals can be replaced by neutral cleaners
6) Completely removes the need to remove grout from tiled surfaces which is not only very time consuming and costly but creates a lot of dust. In a hotel situation re-grouting can put a room out of action for a couple of days.

This sensational product Great Grout is unique to ourselves – we have completely changed the feel of floors and walls using this product. Its use extends to bathrooms and showers in both commercial and domestic situations.
It permanently seals the grout killing any mould. Microbes can no longer find a niche and so they do not grow back making the shower much easier to clean.

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Types of surface we clean - Domestic Residences - Shopping Centres - Food Halls - Rest Rooms - Kitchens - Health Clubs/Swimming Pools/Changing Rooms - Restaurants/Coffee Shops – Entrance Halls - Stables and Stud farms - Children's Play Areas - Service Station Forecourts - Court Yards - Street Scene Situations