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AWD Chase de Vere

I write to thank you for the excellent floor refurbishment job which you recently carried out at the home of my parents, in Leyland.

The kitchen floor now looks as though it has only just been laid, although the tiles are over 20 years old, and my parents are delighted with the way the lighter grout colour makes the whole kitchen look much more bright and airy.

Please do not hesitate to pass my name to anyone who is considering using your services. I would be more than happy to recommend your company.

Clean Tile and Grout Lakes client.

Specialist treatment

Application of Anti slip

Is your floor very slipy when wet? You'll be surprised how many people have this problem.

Areas we have applied this product:
Just a few tiles close to a shower or a bath.
A whole floor in a school kitchen.
A private kitchen with wall tiles laid on the floor ( don't ask!).
Around the edge of a swimming pool and A tiled hall way close to an exit.

The floors a lot safer and it looks brand new again!

Anti slip can be applied for a fee slightly more than that for a typical deep clean.

Anti slip
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Antislip is a unique virtually invisible liquid applied safety surfacing treatment for: Ceramic Tiles Quarry Tiles Marble, Granite, Porcelain Terrazzo & Concrete.

Antislip can be applied with Minimal disruption and downtime and can be walked on immediately
following application.

Antislip is effective with a wide variety of footwear and provides outstanding anti-slip properties even where bare feet are concerned.

Antislip increases the coefficient of friction or slip resistance by moisture reaction not by an acid etching process.

Antislip has proven in practical site conditions to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Antislip unlike traditional safety surfacing treatments does not alter the aesthetic appearance or integrity of the substrate therefore decorative tiled or natural stone surfaces
such as marble or granite appear virtually unchanged.