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Deep Clean Your Tiles

Our new systems will deep clean your floor and restore it to the pristine state it was in on the day it was laid
tile stone & grout cleaning

Sealing Your Tiles

After the tiles have been cleaned its the best time to treat it with a clear seal. This impregnator, a revolution in surface care, provides an effective and long lasting protection against erosion, soiling and contamination.
Tile and Grout Clear Sealing

Anti Slip Treatment

A unique virtually invisible liquid applied safety surfacing treatment for - Ceramic Tiles Quarry Tiles Marble, Granite, Porcelain Terrazzo & Concrete.
Specialist Treatments

A Big Thank You to Clean Tile & Grout Lakes from Outsourced HS!

I would like to say a massive thank you to John Dickinson of Clean Tile and Grout, having recently had some re-plastering and painting work undertaken on my kitchen, I was left with a tile floor splattered with paint and plaster. John came to have a look and simply said no problem I will do it now, within an hour the floor was looking like new again, in fact much cleaner than before the work started!

So thank you John for saving the day at such short notice, I would highly recommend John in the future.

The Team

The Team

We are a new family business based beneath the limestone pavements on Hutton Roof in Cumbria. We aim to provide a friendly service with quality and professionalism to all of our customers large or small. We work throughout the Northwest UK, along the M6 corridor, from Preston, Lancaster to Carlisle and all of Cumbria and the Lakedistrict.

Please get in touch to ask for a quote or arrange a demonstration.

Indoors & Outdoors

Indoors & Outdoors

Deep cleaning of tile, grout, stone and other hard surfaces.

Our process succeeds is because it works at such a high temperature it can sanitise as well as clean and remove the grime. Ordinary ‘wet vacs’ might remove some of the grime but they cannot kill the pathogens living in the microscopic cavities of the grout.

This type of deep cleaning is unique to Clean Tile and Grout Lakes LTD.

Before & After

Our new systems will deep clean your floor and restore it to the pristine state it was in on the day it was laid.

The equipment is revolutionary and patented it enables us to use a range of cleaning products that are kinder to your floor and to the environment.

This combination of heat, pressure, mild detergents and vacuum will leave your floor clean and sanitized.

Types of surface we clean - Sandstone - Slate - Travertine - Limestone - Quarry tile - Porcelane - Ceramic tiles -Safety Flooring - Domestic Residences - Shopping Centres - Food Halls - Rest Rooms - Kitchens - Health Clubs/Swimming Pools/Changing Rooms - Restaurants/Coffee Shops - Entrance Halls - Stables and Stud farms - Children's Play Areas - Service Station Forecourts - Court Yards - Street Scene Situations